Monday, 26 December 2011




Upon the wreckage of thy yesterday design thy structure of tomorrow, lay strong corner stones of purpose and prepare great blocks of wisdom cut from past despair, shape mighty pillars of resolve to set deep in the tear-wet mortar of regret. Work on with patience. Though thy toil is slow yet day by day the edifice shall grow. Believe in God-in thine own self believe. All that thou hast hoped for thou shall achieve.

( Emphasis mine)

My great concern is not who you are, the colour of your skin, whether you are rich or poor, or how many times you have failed.
But whether you have the will to achieve the object of your desire. No one can help a person that does not want to help himself, if you are satisfied with the kind of cards that life has dealt with you, if you are content in your present existence, there is noting that i can do or say to aid you in converting whatever wishes you might have into reality. Under such circumstance there is little likelihood that such wishes would ever amount to any more than ideal wishes.

A will to succeed is a resolute determination. It is a burning desire to attain the object of your wishes. A burning desire, it is enthusiastic faith in the attainment of a golden object of your desires.
Hope for the achievement of anything must be backed by an unwavering faith in its attainment. It has been said that in order to attain anything you want out of life, set yourself goals and work steadfastly toward that goal and you will achieve that goal. This sound good but in practical applications it isn't quite labour everlastingly towards a goal but seem to accomplish nothing while others succeed with less than half the effort.

The story has been told of a prayer meeting held at a little country church once in the heart of a drought. The congregation had gathered to pray for rain. During the course of the meeting, the minister had caused to remark that not a single person brought an umbrella.

Setting goals without a will to succeed is like praying for rain while displaying your belief by not bringing umbrellas. If there is something that you want, prepare to receive it.


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